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July 2017

Value Engineering is not just an engineering initiative - Total Value Engineering


Your Career as Cost and Value Engineer at Siemens

by Siemens

June 2017
Holokit For Low-Cost Mixed Reality
Amber Garage introduce the Holokit - a low cost solution for Mixed Reality.
Jun 4, 2017

April 2017

2016 SAVE  Value Summit Keynote - Christine Furstoss - General Electric


Save International

March 2017

Value-Engineering Boosts Returns for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

Value Engineering and the Price of Steel

Value Engineering in Fire Design – Protecting Lives and Saving Costs


December 2016

Value engineering services  play a central role in Hittech’s relationship with the customer

Value engineering of solar power system

"Tata Steel has been conferred with Vasant Rao Trophy by Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) for excellence in Systematic Application of Value Engineering at Engineering & Projects

New plastic material developed to aid value engineering

Department of Defense Value Engineering Achievement Awards program - 2016
AMCOM engineers completed 119 projects claiming a record $304 million in savings and cost avoidance for local organizations

October 2014
Value Engineering of Bicycle
Imported bicycle from a low cost source - China costs $1,200.
A new design to cost only $250 in Netherlands

Value Engineering Synergies with Lean Six Sigma: Combining Methodologies for Enhanced Results
Jay Mandelbaum, Anthony Hermes, Donald Parker, Heather Williams
CRC Press, 11-May-2012 - Business & Economics - 212 pages
Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Value Engineering (VE) have a proven track record of success for solving problems and improving efficiency. Depending on the situation, integrating these approaches can provide results that exceed the benefits of each individual approach. Value Engineering Synergies with Lean Six Sigma: Combining Methodologies for Enhanced Results describes how to integrate these dynamic tools to achieve unprecedented improvements and break down the organizational stovepipes that can occur when different offices are assigned responsibility for different problem-solving methods.

The book identifies opportunities where readers can integrate these approaches to go beyond what is currently possible with the individual approaches. Explaining the VE methodology, it supplies a high-level discussion of LSS and DFSS. Next, it compares VE with LSS and identifies the different opportunities for synergies that can provide your organization with a competitive edge.

June 2012
Value Engineering case studies - Chougule and Kallurkar
May 2012
Case studies of knob, Hand wheel, bearing assembly, dial bracket, recorder gear used in universal testing machine

May 2012

VE prize entry - Columbia river crossing value engineering study

Series Rating Circuit Breakers in Panel Boards - Value Engineering Opportunity|Series-Rating|generic
White paper from GE

Magnesium has value engineering applications where weight reduction is the objective

Alaska Class Ferry - Preliminary Value Analysis Study

VE Study for Closing Waste Packages for containing TAD Canisters

Using Lean Ideas in VE projects
Surface Water Study

January 2012

S Stock Value Engineering - Presentation - London Underground Railway

Value engineering proposal for a fuel additive

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