Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Questions About Industrial Engineering - Participants - February 2013

1. How to calculate allowances for "machine shop" and "Foundry"? What are the usual percentages?

2. Definition for Ergonomics

3. What is MOST and What are its applications

4. What is the use and outcome of motion study?

5. Give some practical examples of ergonomics and motion study.

6. What is the major role of Industrial engineering?

7. In India public sector industries are not giving importance to IE. Why?

8. How to educate the workers about the importance of IE?

9. What are new techniques of IE?

10. Share experience of faculty.

11. Management does not accept innovative ideas or schemes for productivity enhancement. How to tackle the situation?

12. What is the scenario of industrial engineering in other organizations?

13. Broad idea about incentive schemes?

14. What is the role of IE in chemical process plant or mining companies?

15. How to improve productivity with more participation of workmen?

16. What is the importance of IE department in light engineering industry?

17. How to minimize the wastage like excess inventory pile up?

18. How to implement the tools (already programmed answers) which are available to deal with day-to-day functions.

19. How to justify IE techniques?

20. How PPC can be done properly?

21. Allowances for operators considering the working conditions.

22. Ergonomically defining the work content for operators of a cell and maximum part weight that can be handled by operators?

23. Basic facilities required to operate a cell?

24. Material handling facility for parts above 15 kg

25. Working environment - Heat, luminance, etc.

26. Operator utilization - how much?

27. What are the modern productivity improvement techniques?

28. How to benchmark productivity/production parameters?

29. Latest procedures adopted for work measurement

30. Types of incentive schemes suggested to improve productivity

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