Sunday, August 18, 2013

Manufacturing Systems Conference 2013 Papers - Bibliography

Forty Sixth CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems 2013

11. A study on the heating process for forging of an automotive
crankshaft in terms of energy efficiency

38. Methodology for energy efficiency on process level

39 A systematic approach on developing action-oriented, competencybased Learning Factories

42. An approach for a cloud-based machine tool control

49. A Study of Automatic Determination of Cutting Conditions to
Minimize Machining Cost

55. Concurrent Product – Supply Chain Design: A Conceptual
Framework & Literature Review

57. Beyond Lean and Six Sigma; Cross-Collaborative Improvement of  Tolerances and Process Variations - A Case Study

60. Milkrun Vehicle Routing Approach for Shop-floor Logistics
61. Methodology for the assessment of structural complexity in global
production networks

62. Current State of Standardized Work in Automotive Industry in

64. Manufacturing of Twist-Free Surfaces by Hard Turning

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