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Productivity and IE in Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing

ABB - Future Plans

15 Sep 2015

quality value stream mapping in Transformer Plant in India

Lean - Tansformer company - Middle EAst

Lean - PhD Thesis

Improving Productivity and Quality of a Transformer Production Line by Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles

An Ergonomics Intervention in a Transformer Manufacturing
Industry to Improve the Productivity
Sandip B. Wanave1
, Manish K. Bhadke2
1  Research Scholar, Mechanical Engineering Department, SVPCET, Nagpur-441108
2 Asstt. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, SVPCET, Nagpur-441108
International Conference on Advances in Engineering & Technology – 2014 (ICAET-2014)

Productivity increased by 500% - Siemens Jinan - KPC Consulting

KPC began consulting in 2001 and is still supporting on the continuous improvement of the entire processes. This case-study covers a period of seven years from 2001 until now in which the productivity was increased by 500%.

Essential Tasks of the Kaizen-optimization at SIEMENS Jinan:

Introduction of the pull-production system
Focus on overall productivity (instead individual / process efficiency)
Focusing on process synchronization, thereby eliminating stagnation / waiting time
Improvement of production planning logic and method. Week plan ->day -> shift -> hour -> minute at each single process
Continuous elimination of waste
Consistent 5 S activities
Division into value-added / non-value added activities
Introduction of the Doctor-/Nurse-System
Visualization of the current status of "OK" and "not OK"
Standardization of work / adjustment of standard time
Visualization of the timing of all activities
Continuous evaluation of output of each shift in entire processes
Introduction of a daily communication system at all levels, which improves the decision-making abilityContinuous employee training
Individual and overall factory layout (incl. offices)

Industrial transformers
Power and productivity for a better world


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