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Beyond Lean Production: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competition - Roger G. Lewandowski - Book Information

Beyond Lean Production: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competition
Roger G. Lewandowski
CRC Press, 03-Feb-2014 -  108 pages

The authors take the position that  U.S. manufacturers are  currently operating at only 65 percent effectiveness in implementing Lean production. Beyond Lean Production: Emphasizing Speed and Innovation to Beat the Competition provides readers with the tools to help their organizations achieve 100 percent effectiveness in Lean production.

Similarly taking the position that overseas factories can't compete with U.S. factories in speed of delivery to domestic customers, the book provides the understanding required to cut order to delivery times and in the process  how to eliminate waste so you can meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations regarding service, quality, and cost.

The book is organized into two phases. The first phase, covers the lean fundamentals needed. It presents 12 tools and strategic weapons that you can immediately put to use to improve on your current competitive position. Phase II, The Business Command Center, presents unique and powerful concepts that Explain how to use speed as a competitive weapon. The book will help you to remove the obstacles that interfere with continuous flow manufacturing.

Table of Contents

Phase 1 Holding Actions
Highlights of Key Items
Holding Action First
Tool 1: Continuous Flow Manufacturing
Tool 2: High-Velocity Working Capital
Tool 3: Process Utilization: Total Team Game Plan
Tool 4: Pull Systems
     Push Your Production Forecast out the Door and Pull in Customer Satisfaction
Tool 5: Root Cause Analysis
Tool 6: Single-Minute Exchange of Dies
Tool 7: Strategic Business Units
     An Old Idea Updated Makes Sense: Saves People, Space, and Overhead
     Important Points
Tool 8: Zero-Based Process Mapping
     Ten Steps to Process Mapping
Tool 9: Strategic Kanbans
Tool 10: Accelerated Return on Kaizen (ARK)
     Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
Tool 11: Supply Chain Management
Tool 12: Inventory Turns Control
     A Items
     B Items
     C Items
Tool 13: Mall Theory
Summary for Phase 1: Holding Actions

Phase 2 The Business Command Center
Introduction to the Business Command Center
     Bold Breakthrough that Will Make You Rethink Your Leadership
The Business Command Center
     What Is a Business Command Center?
     Implementing the Business Command Center
     Key Points of the Circulatory Management Chart
     Special Points
     Circulatory Management
     Business Command Center: Leadership
     How Do You Organize Control of the Command Center?
What Are the Benefits of Having a Business Command Center?
Future Possibilities
     Field Sales Organization
     Distribution Centers
Closing Thoughts
Further Information and Homework
Advanced Value Stream Mapping
Accounting: The Dictators of Corporations or Forgotten Priests? What Should Its Role Be?
U.S. Product Engineering: Is It a Misdirected Missile as It Is Now Organized?
Industrial Engineering: The Forgotten Function?

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