Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cloud Computing - Productivity Science

Ozdemir A, Asil H (2017)
The Optimization of Query Processing in Sea Base Cloud Databases Based on CCEVP Model.
Ind Eng Manage 6:208. doi:10.4172/2169-0316.1000208

The increase in data volume in many applications and the need for their calculations are the database challenges. Cloud computing and the use of Sea Base databases are a solution to integrate a variety of DBMSs and integrated access to tables in databases. The study tried to optimize query processing in the Sea Base cloud database and reduce query processing time. The method used adaptability for optimization. The purpose of this method is to make adaptive the execution plans of high-traffic queries sent to the Sea Base. For adaptability, the method uses three parts: separator, similarity detector and replacement policy.  The results show that the system optimizes query processing in the database and reduces response time by one percent. The response time can be further decreased by changing the replacement policy.

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