Friday, February 3, 2012

Management and Industrial Engineer

The article "The Industrial Engineering as a  Manager" by  Ron Read, P.E., is Director of Process Development with ITT Industries Cannon Connectors and Switches in Santa Ana, California (part of Maynard Handbook of Industrial Engineering, 5th Edition) gives a lot of material on management but it has not explored the managerial issues involved in managing the industrial engineering department.
In industrial engineering department, industrial engineers have to manage IE studies, prepare reports and present their findings to the operating staff and management as well as committees that approve capital expenditures. Once their proposals are approved there are a part of installation teams and they have to undertake responsibility for training of operators in the new methods.
In the case of new complex systems, they have to take care of efficiency design of the system and also many times have to manage the design process. The issues involved in these IE projects and also the issues involved in managing the IE department may have to be discussed by some other author.

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