Thursday, February 16, 2012

Value Engineering in Buildings - Some Examples

Example 1

In a building design, forty-one items were identified in the value engineering process.
These items were ultimately eliminated, reduced or changed during June 2001 to bring the schematic design in under the original budgeted amount.
Some those items were: 

• Downsizing the atrium.
• Eliminating one column bay from the building design totaling 9,900 sq. ft.
• Downsizing the cistern.
• Eliminating certain exterior structural items, not necessary as a part of the building structure, such
as the brick amphitheater northwest of the building designed to reuse brick from the demolished
women’s prison building.
• Reducing interior equipment items such as plumbing and kitchen equipment.
• Reducing the landscaping allowances.
• Changing the parking lot material to asphalt.
• Removing wheel stops in the parking lot and various other design components having little effect
on the LEED certification.
• Reducing the design services contingency by 8 percent.
• Using less expensive building materials such as gypsum board, glass, concrete, wood and the roof
ing material.
The full document that has this example is focuses on cost containment in buildings and it has 14 pages.
ASTM E-1699 10 Standard Practice for VA in Buildings
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