Thursday, February 2, 2012

Online Magazine of Industrial Engineering

The magazine will be a collection of knols related to industrial engineering that explain  various concepts, techniques and case studies of IE projects.
The articles can be in the following fields.
1. Industrial Engineering: Definition, Philosophy, History
2. Pioneers in Industrial Engineering
3. Human Effort Engineering: Motion Study, Time Study, Human Factors Engineering, Work Station Design
4. Systems Efficiency Engineering: Method Study, SQC. Value Engineering, Operations Research
5. Facilities Design
6. Systems Design Management
7. Management of Industrial Engineering Department
8. Understanding the Human Factor - Physical Factors and Behavior Factors
9. Engineering Economic Analysis of IE proposals
10. Management of IE objectives: Productivity, Comfort, Safety, Health
11. Domain (Functional)  Expertise for IEs: Production Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Maintenance Management
12. Domain (Industry Sector) Expertise for IEs: Various sectors in  Manufacturing, Service and Agriculture sectors.
Editorial Board needs to be formed for formal launch of the magazine. 

Adhoc Recommended Knols

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