Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Employee Involvement in Industrial Engineering Projects Advocated by Taylor

I presented this paper in the conference organized by European Association of Management in Switzerland. My presentation in the conference is in this video



16 September 2014

My subsequent study of the IE books brought out the fact that Ralph Barnes indicated that industrial engineering discipline or function can be implemented in an organization in three patterns. Pattern A is IE is practised by expert industrial engineering staff. In Pattern B, managers and supervisors also participate in the IE activities. In Pattern C, operators also participate in IE activities.

Allan Mogensen is an industrial engineer who advocated work simplication. Simplication is a step in ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, and Simplify) framework described in method studies. Epecially each process has to be subjected to ECRS analysis. Mogensen found that operation simplification is one step in which each operator can participate effectively. It is imperative for the organization to implement a system to encourage operators to participate in the operation simplication or work simplifications. Organizations not doing it are wasting an opportunity to improve efficiency and profit.

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