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Basic Concepts, Principles and Methods of Industrial Engineering

Taylor's Principles of Scientific Management

First. The development of a true science (of work or operation or task).
Second. The scientific selection of the workman.
Third. His scientific education and development.
Fourth. Intimate friendly cooperation between the management and the men.

Harrington Emerson's Principles of Efficiency

1. Clearly defined ideals.
2. Common sense
3. Competent counsel
4. Discipline
5. The fair deal
6. Reliable, immediate and adequate records
7. Despatching
8. Standards and schedules
9. Standardized conditions
10. Standardized operations
11. Written standard-practice instructions
12. Efficiency-reward

Gilbreth's Principles of Motion Economy

        Principles of Motion Economy - Some More Details
        Principles of Motion Economy - YouTube Videos

ECRS Method

        Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simplify - ECRS Method - Barnes

Miles' Principles of Value Engineering

Avoid generalities
Get all available costs
Use information from the best source
Blast create and refine
Use real creativity
Identify and overcome roadblocks
Use industry experts to extend specialized knowledge
Get a dollar sign on key tolerances
Utilize vendors’ available functional products
Utilize and pay for vendors’ skills and knowledge
Utilize specialty processes
Utilize applicable standards
Use the criterion, “would I spend my money this way?”

Principles of Ergonomics

1. Work in neutral postures
2. Reduce excessive forces
3. Keep everything in easy reach
4. Work at proper heights
5. Reduce excessive motions
6. Minimize fatigue and static load
7. Minimize pressure points
8. Provide clearance
9. Move exercise and stretch
10. Maintain a comfortable environment

     Good explanation with illustrations is available in

Principle of Difference in Productivity

Principles relating Wage differentials (incentives - efficiency reward)  and Motivation

Principles of Engineering Economics

Principles of System Optimization

Principles Statistics

Principles of Mathematical Modeling

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