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332710G - Grinding - Productivity and Industrial Engineering

Productivity through Precision
The best grinders in the world use SBS Balancing and Acoustic Emission Monitoring to improve productivity. SBS is a world leader in grinding wheel balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry. SBS dynamic balancing systems and acoustic emission monitoring solutions help you control the grinding process to improve part quality and increase productivity, thereby saving you time and money. Schmitt Balancing Systems are sold to machine tool manufacturers (OEMs), machine tool rebuilders, and grinding machine users worldwide. Schmitt’s SBS precision balancing systems are used by many of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, steel, bearing, and machined parts manufacturers and in other industries where manufacturing tolerances are especially precise.



Determining Actual Grinding Productivity & Cost
August 26, 2014 by Debbie Gaspich
Debbie Gaspich is the director of product management for Thin Wheel and Construction Products at Norton | Saint-Gobain, 6600 Walmore Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14304, 716-731-7555, Debbie.A.Gaspich atr,

Grinding - Technical Colloquium - 2014 - Technical Developments

Handy Tips: Economical ways to improve grinding productivity
By Archana Tiwari-Nayudu, Mar 11, 2014

By: Debbie Gaspich

Emage VLC 100 G vertical grinding center - for small chucked components with a maximum diameter of 100 mm,
The machine utilizes its onboard pick-up system to load itself,
Measuring process is integrated into the machine. The measuring probe is located between the machining area and pick-up station, where it is protected from contamination.
Two grinding spindles - One handles  rough- and the second finish-grinding work. This tooling combination can help to substantially reduce the grinding time of even very complex components.


Six Grinding Developments Providing Significant Productivity Gains

Ensure that you understand and implment the following six notable developments in grinding technology and practices for achieving significant productivity gains.

Fixture sequencing and construction
Coolant and application
Application software
Reliability of machines

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