Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Labor and Capital in the Age of Globalization - Berch Berberoglu - 2002 Book Information

Labor and Capital in the Age of Globalization: The Labor Process and the Changing Nature of Work in the Global Economy

Berch Berberoglu
Rowman & Littlefield, 2002 - Business & Economics - 221 pages

Table of Contents:
Introduction: The Political Economy of the Labor Process in the Age of Globalization /
Berch Berberoglu
Labor and Capital at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century /
Jerry Lembche
Labor, Capital, and the Struggle for Control at the Point of Production /
David Gartman
The Labor Process and the Transformation of Corporate Control in the Global Economy /
Harland Prechel
Working Women and the Dynamics of Power at Work /
Marina A. Adler
Race, Nationality, and the Division of Labor in U.S. Agriculture /
John C. Leggett
The Global Economy and Changes in the Nature of Contingent Work /
Robert E. Parker
The Political Economy of Global Accumulation and Its Emerging Mode of Regulation /
Behzad Yaghmaian
Women's Work and Resistance in the Global Economy /
Julia D. Fox
Dynamics of Globalization: Transnational Capital and the International Labor Movement /
Cyrus Bina and Chuck Davis
Globalization of Capital and Class Struggle /
Walda Katz-Fishman, Jerome Scott and Ife Modupe.

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