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Manufacturing Managers - Questions on Industrial Engineering and Cost Management - 2014

# How industrial engineering concept can be integrated with product design?

# How manufacturing cost can be measured at each stage of production?
# Understanding lean manufacturing and implementation procedure.

# Importance of outsourcing in manufacturing and control needed.

# Quality management - Comparing with competitors.
# Managing critical situation like one side despatch urgency - otherside quality abrasion.

# How to convince a team of people (with interest and without interest) for a change of betterment?

# What are the common/special considerations in working out manufacturing cost?

# Can't we run a manufacturing unit in a better way without industrial engineering support? For example, most of the small/medium scale units run without industrial engineer.

# In the manufacturing sector, will the low cost automation serve long term benefit?
# If any product is running with minimum cost and the rejection rate as well as warranty claims are well within the target then how to progress further in value analysis/value engineering ensuring proper quality of the product.

# How to increase productivity even after reaching all the maximum target values in any production line?  Optimum cycle time/man power

# What is manufacturing management and how can it help in our daily life as well as in our industry?

# Format for calculating different types of output

# Relation between demand and manufacturing department activities

# How to develop engineering skills in the operators?
# With this versatile market demand, how to manage and maintain optimum inventory levels?

# How to improve efficiency of operations?

# How to improve inventory and process lead time?
# How can we achieve best efficiency from the work force without any additional remunerations?

# What are the tools to achieve cost effectiveness even at the highest market price?

# What are tools to utilise resources at the optimum during the lean period without hampering the employee expectations?
# How to calculate the manufacturing cost?

# How to calculate break even cost?

# How depreciation cost is calculated?

# Is there an ideal ratio of fixed and variable cost?

# Steps to be taken to meet the budgeted mfg. cost. even at less production volume compared to budgeted volume.
# Explain inventory control in manufacturing.

# What are best practices in manufacturing?

# What are different ways to control cost of product?

# Ways for increasing productivity

# How to study time-motion of a process effectively?

How to reduce cost of product without cutting quality level?
# Cell concept of manufacturing

While deciding the time study, how much factor to be taken in starting?

Up to how much level of cost cutting we can go so that our product can sustain in the market?

What is D.O.E.?

Is there any standard criteria between product cost, labour cost and manufacturing cost?

How to manage cost without compromising the basic standard of shop floor?

How to manage manufacturing where product life cycle is shrinking and market dynamics are changing?

How to manage manufacturing in global market scenario?

How to tackle new competitors entry with cost benefits?

How to manage wide product gamut and supply chain challenges?

Role of automation

How to handle IR where process is varying?

Quality Management vs Industrial engineering

Significance of allowances provided

What are various aspects of manufacturing management?

How to control manufacturing cost of a product?

How can JIT be applied ini mass production unit?

Process variation

Product cost control

Productivity Improvement

Outsourcing - quality issues

Automation requirements - Why?

Reduction in Operating cost

Control over Outsourcing

How to increase production, since there are fixed norms for production

How to motivate people for problem solving (improvement)?

Reduction in waste in case of random patterns

How do you get productivity measures in maintenance field?

How to address less availability of manpower in QA functions for inspection activities?

Automation will it really lead to reduction of manpower when an organization is bound by tradeunions.

In Indian industries, normally the shopfloor does not abide through 7 QC tools and sometimes ti gets impractical. How to make it effectie on the floor, apart from training.

Eximbank business excellence model or Manufacturing Business Excellence

How to estimate risk involved in any improvement implemented in shop floor through a statistical



What the specific tools that can be used to increase efficiency of manufacturing operations?

What are the latest best practices going on in the industy?

How to relate motion study for a manual job?

What impact is there for cost of quality?

Different methods of calculating cost of quality.


Frequent change of manufacturing plan – How we can accommodation.
Conversion cost remain recharges with compare to last year though the other costs are variable.
How to increase productivity for the same machine where the cycle time remain constant.
How to accommodate with customers’ requirement (time base samples).
How to increase the skills throughout out operation as well as surprises.
Significance of industrial engineering in organisations business?
How is the managerial effectiveness measured?
Leader is born or made! It made, how attribute of leadership are inculcated into the individual?
Do amenity measures leave input on customer delist and satisfactions and hence, overall business  substance in long run.
Inputting management or sells/marketing management or financial management or all three – plays significant role in business growth & enhancement of  bio on line when market  wide remains the same or in the force of economic     down worldwide?
How do you evaluate the effectiveness of this type of programme?
Every industry takes a target to expand business in every year for a substantial %, How much it is realistic?
Every Industry takes a target of cost reduction in every year.  At the same time they need upgradation of quality every year.  To what extend it is logical
In every Industry, salary of workmen get revised after every 3 years based on chartered demand.  It is very difficult for manufacturing unit those who are long time player.  How do you analyse this?
Many Industries go for diversification on product with much having background.  How do you justify?
What are the basic role of a mange for manufacturing excellence.
Cost optimization in manufacturing process.
Basic roles of Industrial Engineer to access a manufacturing  process.
How personality related to manufacturing management.
How Quality of a product has been taken care by Industrial Engineer.

How to minimize repetitive Human errors?
What is the best way to bring people to same skill levels?
What is the threshold point for cost reduction?
How to you control the human behavior when it comes to making costly errors?
How to handle other department heads who are fairly new do the company and may be working towards achieving their own short term goals?
What is the course detail?
What does it mean by Manufacturing Management?
Faculty Background?
What is the benefit of Manufacturing Management?
What is the benefit of Manufacturing Cost Management?
How to manage the Manufacturing Process by the person who has not been trained preciously by experience or Study or by skill?
What are the basics of Industrial Engineering?  How to improve the Industrial Relationship?
The parameters to be focused for Productivity for meticulous performance?
Whether cost management talks only or cost Reduction?
How the Manufacturing cost optimized for healthy competition in the Market?
Cost or Price of a product : How these are guided by the Manufacturing Management?


# How to manage cost without compromising the basic standard of shop floor?
# How to manage costs during lean periods of market demand without having IR issues?

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