Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shop Theory - James Anderson and Earl E. Tatro - Book Information

Tata McGraw Hill  1986
Edition of 2004
Rs. 635 in India

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Careers in Machine Shop
Chapter 2. Safety in the Machine Shop
Chapter 3. Hand Tools for Bench Work
Chapter 4. Basic Measuring and Layout Tools
Chapter 5. Metrology
Chapter 6. Metric Measurement
Chapter 7. Drills and Drilling Processes
Chapter 8. Engine Lathe Processes
Chapter 9. Turret Lathes
Chapter 10. Tapers and Angles
Chapter 11. Screw Thread Processes
Chapter 12. Band Machining
Chapter 13. Shaper and Planer Processes
Chapter 14. Milling Machine Processes
Chapter 15. Grinding Machine Processes
Chapter 16. Gears and Gearing
Chapter 17. Fundamentals of Numerical Control
Chapter 18. Special Machining Processes
Chapter 19. Surface Finish and Surface Measurement
Chapter 20. Heat-Treatment and Testing of Metals

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