Sunday, October 23, 2016

Evolution of Zero Wastes Movement in Factory Production - Philosophies, Methods, Techniques, and Tools

Adam Smith described division of labor that provides Zero Waste of Skills (Certain skills are specialised by certain persons)

Charles Babbage advocated division of labor within a manufacturing process of product by by insisting that the process has to be broken into more skilled and less skilled jobs. Different persons are employed in the process to take care of more skilled and less skilled jobs. The benefit less payroll expenses and more utilization of high skilled persons.   - Zero waste of high skilled persons.

F.W. Taylor -  Efficiency improvement of factory operations - Zero waste of ability of machine - Zero waste of work capacity of operators in manual and machine supporting work.

Frank Gilbreth - Motion Study - Zero waste of motions of operators.

Maynard - MTM and MOST time measurement systems - Zero waste of manpower due to rating differences and lack of planning the motions from a design perspective.

Taiichi Ohno - Zero Inventory, Zero Overproduction, Zero Idle Time of Men (multiple machine allottment)

Shiego Shingo - Zero Changeover time and Zero Defects through Poka Yoke

Quality gurus - Zero Defects

House of Quality - Zero Customer Dissatisfaction

Six Sigma  - Zero Defects

Total Productive Management - Zero Breakdowns

Zero Accidents

The application of 7 Zeroes in improvement of Lean and Agility manufacture
DECEMBER 2013, VOL 5, NO 8

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