Friday, February 10, 2012

System Efficiency Engineering - IE Component - Bibliography

Articles, Papers and Reports on Efficiency Engineering , Evaluation and Improvement

A Template for Efficiency in Machine Shop - 2005

A Tool List to Reduce Cost in Ship Yard - 1985

Bibliography of Industrial Efficiency and Factory Management - 1920

Construction Productivity Project - Industrialized Housing Project - 2005

Cutting Tools Help Machine Shop to Improve Efficiency - 2008

Cycle Time Reduction and Strategic Inventory Placement across a Multistage Process - MS dissertation - 1993 - MIT

Efficiency Movement - Wikipedia Article

Energy saving at houses

2008 Energy efficiency intervention in Gujarat, India

2008 Energy efficiency projects in Vietnan

Efficiency Improvement and Biomass

Efficiency Engineering in Dark Room (Radiology department)

Improvements in Efficiency of Melting for Die Casting - US Office of Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Opportunities in Cement Making - An Energy Star Guide for Energy and Plant Managers - Energy Analysis Department - 2008

High Efficiency Foundation Drilling Machines

Household Engineering - A Correspondence Course on the Application of Efficiency Engineering and Scientific Management to the Every Day Tasks of Housekeeping

How to get top shop efficiency

Journal Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement  Project  Draft Final Report 2008

Monitoring of machine tools improves machine uptime and shop efficiency

National Grid Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Reducing Cost in LTL Crossdock Terminal by Improving Layout - 2000

Refrigeration efficiency improvement by reducing the difference between temperatures of heat rejection and heat absorption - patent information

Efficiency improvement for shared communication networks - patent information

Enhancing efficiency in CNG Gas Use  February 2012, Pakistan

Productivity Audit - Shoichi Saito  -  Maynard Handbook article

Taylor-Made (19th Century Efficiency Expert Frederick Taylor) Taylorism is is invoked even today

The Efficiency Movement in Florida Baptist History - Dr. Glenn Hewitt 1987

Water Efficiency Self Assessment Guide for Commercial and Industrial Buildings - 2011

System Efficiency Engineering Consultants

Efficiency Engineering Incorporated

ENEFEN Energy Efficiency Engineering Limited -Thermal Energy Consultants

Jackson Productivity Research Incorporated

Metso - Efficiency Improvement Studies

3E Energy Ltd - Economic Efficiency Engineering - Reduction of site energy use and operating maintenance cost - New Zealand

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