Sunday, June 3, 2012

TPS in Software Develpment - The Seven Wastes in Software Development

Toyota production developed on the basis of eliminating seven wastes. Mary and Tom Poppendieck came out with seven wastes in software development to improve the productivity of software development activity.

The seven wastes of software development are:

Partially Done Work
Extra Features
Building the wrong thing - Relearning
Paperwork - Handoffs
Waiting for information - Delays
Task Switching

Articles on seven wastes in software development:

More detailed articles on each waste item

Partially done work

Overproduction - Extra features

Extra features
Over production - Jack Milunsky

Building the wrong thing - Rework - Relearning

Transportation - Handing off is equal to transportation says Milunsky



Task switching


Finding Wastes in Software Development

How to find waste in software development?

Value stream mapping for software delivery

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