Monday, August 19, 2013

Productivity Improvement Case Studies - Bibliography

Enhancement in productivity in sheet metal industry through Lean Principles
International Journal on Emerging Technologies 4(1): 186-191(2013)

productivity Improvement Case Study for Solution

Productivity Measurement and Improvement: Organizational Case Studies
Robert D. Pritchard
Greenwood Publishing Group, 01-Jan-1995 - Business & Economics - 380 pages
Improving organizational productivity is an important current and future issue. The improvement can be effected by changing technology, or by changing the way in which people work. The concern of this work is how to structure work so that people can and will want to maximize their productivity using a special approach to measurement and improvement of organizational productivity defined by the author - ProMES (Productivity Measurement and Enchancement System). ProMES is a way of motivating people to maximize their productivity. This book describes a series of cases where ProMES was applied to improve productivity in service and manufacturing organizations in a variety of different organizations in different countries. Results indicate very large increases in productivity, much larger than those typically found. Lessons learned from these cases for future productivity improvement efforts are summarized.

Productivity Improvement Consultants - Case Studies

Oxford, Holt and Company


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