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Tools and Combination Tools Electronics Assembly

Since the early days of the electronics industry Lindstrom has been the Brand manufacturers chose for high volume work and critical applications. Our RX Series ergonomic cutters were the first designed to fit the tool to the user, and revolutionized the handtool industry, beginning in electronics assembly and aerospace production.

As these industries matured devices shrank in size and increased in complexity and Lindstrom developed new profiles on pliers and cutter types to meet their demands: Ultra-Flush cutters for anti-shock military applications, tapered and relieved cutters to get in between and under tiny components, super-radiused pliers to bend sensitive wire without scratching, and extra-small tip cutters for microscopy. Still, the most valued feature of Lindstrom tools is high quality, from the famous Swedish steel to the attention to detail.

TL 29D tweezers: reverse action gently holds component (special pliers shown).

RX8248 Flush cutters: 45° angled tips, long 18 mm jaws for improved access.

TL 51S-SA-ET tweezers: soft ESD-safe, cleanroom compatible Ergo-Touch grips.

Precision Hand Tools used in Electronics Assembly
Typical Applications for TDI Hand Tools:

Electronics, Medical Device, Laser, Microwave and Disk Drive Assembly
Electronic PCB Assembly
Circuit Die and Integrated Circuit Package Assembly
Circuit Board Repair and Rework
Biotech, Biology, Military and Aerospace Electronics Assembly
Surface Mount Rework and Assembly
Labs, R&D, Cleanrooms and ESD Sensitive Applications
Work under a Microscope / Microelectronics
Handling of Small Components, Wafers, Substrates and Wires
Wire and Lead Cutting
Wafer Pick and Place
Holding Parts for Soldering
Precision Electronics Assembly Handtools

Printed Circuit Board / Package

TDI offers the largest selection of ESD Safe static dissipative handtools for critical ESD low voltage applications.

Precision Tweezers for Electronics Assembly & Labs    

Offering the highest precision Swiss tweezers for electronics and medical device assembly, laboratories and application specific applications. TDI's Swiss tweezer provide high precision tip symmetry and balance, with polished tip edges and non-scratch anti-glare finish. Lead free.

Metal Tweezers - Swiss Super Alloy, Swiss stainless anti-magnetic, Italian stainless anti-magnetic and industrial grade metal tweezers.

General Purpose Stainless Anti-Magnetic Tweezers

Fiber Tip Tweezers

Cushion Grip Tweezers - ESD Safe

ESD Safe Static Dissipative Tweezers - For the most critical ESD applications (<50V ESD Threshold)

Application Specific Tweezers - Component, flat tip, reverse action, surface mount, tweezer cutters & wafer handling.


Constant Vacuum Pickup Tools - For In-Line Vacuum Source
For use with in-line vacuum systems. Purchase individual handles, tips & hoses. Ergonomic light weight handles - precision vacuum handling of small parts.

Complete Constant Vacuum Pickup Kits - With Vacuum Pumps
Complete kits include vacuum pumps, handles, hoses and tips.

Portable Vacuum Pickup Wands
Self contained, portable vacuum pickup tools. No batteries or hoses required.

Individual Vacuum Pickup Tool Parts
Vacuum cups, probes, filters for vacuum pickup wand handle, static dissipative vacuum hose, hose adapters and fittings.

WaferPik® Portable
Portable vacuum wafer pickup tool. Piston activated vacuum, no batteries required. Holds 3-12" wafers and fits between 3/16" wafer spacing.

Vacuum Pickup Tools for electronics assembly and labs.


Precision Lead Cutters, Pliers and Micro Shears for Electronics Assembly  

Oval Wire Cutters - ESD Safe Cushion Grips

Taper Wire Cutters - ESD Safe Cushion Grips

Angulated Wire Cutters - ESD Safe Cushion Grips

Tip Cutters - ESD Safe Cushion Grips

Pliers - ESD Safe Cushion Grips

Micro Shears - ESD Safe Non-Slip Grips



Diamond Scribes

Micro Probes

Micro Rulers - For use under microscopes.

Micro Pliers - Reverse action, squeeze to open.

Micro Scissors

Micro Spatulas (Oilers) ESD Safe Versions now Available

Pin Vise Tool Handles

Micro Mini Tools, Rulers, Diamond Scribes & Scissors

Precision wire-cutting scissors for electronics assembly.  

Stainless Steel Scissors

Micro Scissors - Reverse action, squeeze to open.

Ceramic Tip Scissors - Static Dissipative JD Ceramic Tips. Stainless Handles.


Probes - Stainless steel, conductive PEEK and also with ESD safe / ergonomic cushion grips.

Spatulas - Stainless steel spatulas and micro spatulas (oilers).

Scalpels (Non Surgical) - #1 and #3 handles and interchangeable blades.  Also with ESD safe / ergonomic cushion grips.

Inspection Mirrors - Adjustable stainless steel mirrors.

Component Grabber - 4-prong small parts/component grabber.

Pin Vise Handles - Stainless steel pin vise handles, also with ESD safe / ergonomic cushion grips.

Micro Pliers Stainless steel, reverse action squeeze to open.

Inspecition and circuit board rework handtools

Printed Circuit Board Holders    

These circuit board holders are the perfect support for assembly and soldering/desoldering processes of printed circuit boards. The holder can be easily taken apart into single pieces and reassembled in different combinations. Complete with cover protected by ESD safe foam and dividers.

PCB - Printed Circuit Board


Inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R) can be measured with automatic selection of the test parameters and test range.
Convenient one hand operation, can easily be set for right or left hand use via the navigation menu.
Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
Automated Component Identification
Precise Test Leads made in Switzerland.
Portable and Ergonomic Design.
Comes with built in Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Battery replacements are not required.
Universal 110-220V power supply, micro USB charging cord and hard carrying case are included.

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