Thursday, January 30, 2014

H.C.Starck Newton Facility - Productivity Improvement

H.C. Starck's Newton, MA site has been awarded Industry Week's 2013 Best Plants. The award demonstrates H.C. Starck's manufacturing excellence and its outstanding team who delivered extraordinary results in the face of strong global competition, cost reduction directives and increased customer demand.

The implementation of a world-class manufacturing program with 5S, Six Sigma and Lean techniques yielded significant improvements in Newton's manufacturing operations. Through these programs the facility hit the bulls-eye with its operational strategy, improved production practices and performance. Major gains were seen in customer satisfaction, product quality, and on-time delivery.

“There are many ways to measure the benefits of the work done at our plant,” says Lee Sallade, Vice President and General Manager.  “For me, the best measure is the overall increase in productivity. Over the last two years, this new focus has helped us see significant improvements in productivity as measured in tons produced and dollars sold per full time equivalent employee.”

                                                          2008                   2010      % Improvement
Tons Produced/FTE                            2.04                    2.95           45%
Thousands of Dollars Sold/FTE             748                  1,068           43%

"These improvements in output have helped us reduce costs and improved profitability,” adds Sallade. “A number of our competitors have plants in countries with low cost labor. But our productivity improvements have allowed us to maintain our competitiveness and our market share!”

Real time inline inspection in tantalum line in H.C. Starck - 2004

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