Saturday, January 11, 2014

Productivity and IE in Cheese Manufacturing

Bosch and Mondelēz increase cheese line productivity
By Jenny EAGLE, 12-Sep-2013
Mondelēz International has partnered with Bosch Packaging Services to install five dosing units compatible with its existing four Bosch ML4 processing systems to produce and package cheese at its Namur factory in Belgium.

Automating processes in cheese manufacture can improve the productivity of the manufacturing plant to help meet increasing demand.

Productivity of industrial cheese making process, which is the mass of cheese extracted from unit volume of raw milk, is a key element in the profitability of this industry. This productivity depends, among other parameters, on the cutting time of the milk gel that is formed to produce cheese. The cutting allows the
whey to separate from the solid matter. The cutting step can happen at different moments depending on the kind of cheese under production. If the cutting is done too soon or too late, this will dramatically affect the productivity of the process and the quality of the final product. One of the challenges of the industry
is to standardize the cutting time in order to optimize productivity.

How to optimize the cutting time of milk gels?

Industrial Productivity in Processed Cheese

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