Sunday, January 5, 2014

311 Food Manufacturing - North American Industry Classification System - 311 Food Manufacturing

31-33 ManufacturingT

311 Food ManufacturingT
3111 Animal Food ManufacturingT
31111 Animal Food ManufacturingT
311111 Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing
311119 Other Animal Food Manufacturing
3112 Grain and Oilseed MillingT
31121 Flour Milling and Malt ManufacturingT
311211 Flour Milling
311212 Rice Milling
311213 Malt Manufacturing
31122 Starch and Vegetable Fats and Oils ManufacturingT
311221 Wet Corn Milling
311224 Soybean and Other Oilseed Processing
311225 Fats and Oils Refining and Blending
31123 Breakfast Cereal ManufacturingT
311230 Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing
3113 Sugar and Confectionery Product ManufacturingT
31131 Sugar ManufacturingT
311313 Beet Sugar Manufacturing
311314 Cane Sugar Manufacturing
31134 Nonchocolate Confectionery ManufacturingT
311340 Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing
31135 Chocolate and Confectionery ManufacturingT
311351 Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans
311352 Confectionery Manufacturing from Purchased Chocolate
3114 Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food ManufacturingT
31141 Frozen Food ManufacturingT
311411 Frozen Fruit, Juice, and Vegetable Manufacturing
311412 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing
31142 Fruit and Vegetable Canning, Pickling, and DryingT
311421 Fruit and Vegetable Canning
311422 Specialty Canning
311423 Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing
3115 Dairy Product ManufacturingT
31151 Dairy Product (except Frozen) ManufacturingT
311511 Fluid Milk Manufacturing
311512 Creamery Butter Manufacturing
311513 Cheese Manufacturing
311514 Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing
31152 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert ManufacturingT
311520 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturing
3116 Animal Slaughtering and ProcessingT
31161 Animal Slaughtering and ProcessingT
311611 Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering
311612 Meat Processed from Carcasses
311613 Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing
311615 Poultry Processing
3117 Seafood Product Preparation and PackagingT
31171 Seafood Product Preparation and PackagingT
311710 Seafood Product Preparation and Packaging
3118 Bakeries and Tortilla ManufacturingT
31181 Bread and Bakery Product ManufacturingT
311811 Retail Bakeries
311812 Commercial Bakeries
311813 Frozen Cakes, Pies, and Other Pastries Manufacturing
31182 Cookie, Cracker, and Pasta ManufacturingT
311821 Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing
311824 Dry Pasta, Dough, and Flour Mixes Manufacturing from Purchased Flour
31183 Tortilla ManufacturingT
311830 Tortilla Manufacturing
3119 Other Food ManufacturingT
31191 Snack Food ManufacturingT
311911 Roasted Nuts and Peanut Butter Manufacturing
311919 Other Snack Food Manufacturing
31192 Coffee and Tea ManufacturingT
311920 Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
31193 Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate ManufacturingT
311930 Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing
31194 Seasoning and Dressing ManufacturingT
311941 Mayonnaise, Dressing, and Other Prepared Sauce Manufacturing
311942 Spice and Extract Manufacturing
31199 All Other Food ManufacturingT
311991 Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing
311999 All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing

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