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Health Care - Hospital Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Industrial Engineering and Healthcare
Koelling, C Patrick, PhD; Schwandt, Michael. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Healthcare Systems Engineering - Context and Techniques
Wu, Bin; Klein, Cerry. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Data Envelopment Estimates for the Most Efficient National Healthcare Systems Given Uncertain Proportional Rate Inputs
Ceyhan, Mehmet E; Benneyan, James C. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 1760-1765.

Human Effort Engineering


Training in Health Care: The Benefits of Context and Emergency Simulation on Patient Handling
Resnick, Marc L; Sanchez, Roderick. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 46-51.

System Efficiency Engineering

Methods Efficiency Engineerng
Process Analysis, Operation Analysis, Methods Study

Frank Gilbreth and health care delivery method study driven learning
Towill, Denis R. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance22. 4 (2009): 417-440.

Engineering Economics

The Health Care Economics of Automating Health Care Systems
Jones, Erick C; Thummalapalli, Rama. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

Application of Statistics

A survey on statistical methods for health care fraud detection
Li, Jing; Huang, Kuei-ying; Jin, Jionghua; Shi, Jianjun. Health Care Management Science11. 3 (Sep 2008): 275-87.

Stratified random sampling for estimating billing accuracy in health care systems
Buddhakulsomsiri, Jirachai; Parthanadee, Parthana. Health Care Management Science11. 1(Mar 2008): 41-54.

Stratification and Clustering Methods for Billing Accuracy in Healthcare Systems
Parthanadee, Parthana; Buddhakulsomsiri, Jirachai; Kachhal, Swatantra. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

OR and Optimization

Modeling and Optimization of Health Care processes
Ramudhin, Amar; Chan, Eric; Benziane, Riadh; Mokadem, Abdelkader. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Improving Emergency Department Physician Management via Computer Simulation
Xu, Samuel; Rogers, Paul; Rohleder, Thomas R; Cooke, David L. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 834-839.

Real Life Issues in Modeling Health Care Capacity (Presentation)
Goto, Jason; Wong, Simon. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2008): 1-69.

Techniques in Modeling Healthcare Operation Data from Hospitals to Improve Scheduling: a Review and Assessment
Rinder, Maria M; Weckman, Gary. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2010): 1-6.

Reducing patient wait times and improving resource utilization at British Columbia Cancer Agency's ambulatory care unit through simulation
Santibáñez, Pablo; Chow, Vincent S; French, John; Puterman, Martin L; Tyldesley, Scott. Health Care Management Science12. 4 (Dec 2009): 392-407.

JIT and Lean in Health Care

Measuring lean initiatives in health care services: issues and findings
Kollberg, Beata; Dahlgaard, Jens J; Per-Olaf Brehmer. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management56. 1 (2007): 7-24.

A Discussion and Model of Risk in Hospital Evacuation Planning
Becker, Lindsay; Brenes, Jaclyn; Hatcher, Michelle; Taaffe, Kevin. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 43-47.

A Test of the Design Rules in Health Care
Ghosh, Manimay; Sobek, Durward K, II. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2006): 1-6.

Integrating Systems Engineering Technologies to Drive Health Systems Performance Improvement
Koelling, C Patrick; Schwandt, Michael. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (2007): 487-492.

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