Saturday, August 24, 2013

Breakthrough Thinking - Prof Shozo Hibino

Mr.Kiichiro Toyoda, a founder of Toyota Motor, tried to think the real substance (purpose) of the
belt conveyor, shown by Mr. Ford, without introducing it directly. He could find the purpose of
the belt conveyor is not to produce parts as many as possible, but to cruise or produce parts in
just-in-time. This purpose created the innovative production system, called “Toyota Production
System”, which was completely different from Ford Production System. Toyota Production
System has bypassed the Ford Motor Production System at this point. Many automobile
manufacturing companies have studied Toyota Production System.

Philosophically this new design approach is backed up by Breakthrough Thinking Paradigm
proposed by Shozo Hibino & Gerald Nadler, different from the conventional Descartes
Thinking Paradigm.

Toyota never imitated Ford Production System, because she thought Toyota and Ford
were completely different in size and culture at her initial stage.

Number of ideas are illustrated by reference to Toyota in this article

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