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Optimization in Pulverized Coal Fired Boiler Design, Manufacturing and Operation

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Effect of TQM on the Maintenance of Pulverizer and Raw Coal Feeder
in a Coal Based Thermal Power Plant
Pooja¹, Dr. B.K. Roy², Pooja Rani31
Post Graduate Student, Om Institute of Technology & Management, Hisar, Haryana, INDIA 2
Director-Principal, Om Institute of Technology & Management, Hisar, Haryana, INDIA 3
Post Graduate Student, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, Haryana, INDIA
Volume-4, Issue-1, February-2014, ISSN No.: 2250-0758
International Journal of Engineering and Management Research
Available at:
Page Number: 234-240  - six month and one year IE course in India - To write to them.

Techno-Economic Optimization of a Supercritical Pulverized Coal Power Plant With Integrated CO2 Capture and Utilization Processes
 Kasule, J., West Virginia University,  Bhattacharyya, D., West Virginia University,  Turton, R., West Virginia University,  Zitney, S. E., National Energy Technology Laboratory
AIChE  2013 Annual Meeting

Bhattacharyya, D., West Virginia University, Debangsu.bhattacharyya @


Reducing Ash Agglomeration in Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
2012 Article, October 2012

SAS Tech Consultants
Innovative Approach to Improved Pulverised Coal Delivery and Combustion Optimization,NTPC,%20NOIDA,UP/Saraswati%20Hall/Session-04%20Optimising%20Boiler%20Performance/Paper%204%20Improved%20Combustion%20Optimisation.pdf


C.P. Crane Generating Station, Middle River, Maryland
When operators of this 400-MW plant converted to burning 100% low-sulfur Powder
River Basin coal to meet state regulations, they knew it wouldn’t be fully successful
unless they also converted the plant’s operating culture.

Merrimack Station’s Clean Air Project, Bow, New Hampshire
By implementing a Clean Air Project to meet state regulations (and future federal
ones), this 440-MW plant became one of the cleanest coal plants in the country. It
may also provide a model for future wastewater treatment systems.

Northside Generating Station, Jacksonville, Florida
This circulating fluidized bed boiler plant is an award-winner for a series of modifications
made over nearly a decade to resolve operating challenges created by a design
problem. Its operating stats now place it in the top tier of U.S. fossil plants.

Tanjung Jati B Electric Generating Station’s Expansion Project, Central
Java Province, Republic of Indonesia
A multinational project team built this 1,300-MW generator of power and economic
growth and equipped it with some of the first examples of modernized air quality
control technology on a major Asian power plant.

Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, Virginia City, Virginia
Waste not. By using a fuel-flexible circulating fluidized boiler, this new plant is helping
Dominion meet its commitment to the state renewable portfolio standard while
including regionally sourced coal waste in its fuel mix. It also recycles plant wastewater
and waste heat.

Yeongheung Power Station Unit 3, Yeongheung Island, South Korea
A number of site-specific circumstances required careful design modifications and
advanced monitoring and controls for this new supercritical unit near Seoul at a site
that could eventually host 12 coal-fired plant selection in year 2012


System and Method for Full Combustion Optimization For Pulverized Coal-Fired Steam Boilers
US 20100319592 A1
Patent Filing Date 5 Dec 2008

Dahanu Power Plant of Reliance - Best plant in its category

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