Monday, April 18, 2016

Process Mapping and Process Flow Chart

Process Mapping is "the process of putting on a map, using specialized symbols, the process that you what to talk about".

Process Flow Chart is one of the many tools you can use to map your process.

Different diagramming tools that you can use to map your process.
You have to use the right one according to your purpose for mapping the process.

- Basic Flowchart
- Highlight Flowchart
- Audit Flow Diagram
- Operation Process Chart
- Process Flowchart
- SDL Diagram
- Data Flow Diagram
- Relationship Diagram
- Workflow Diagram
- IDEF0 Flowcharts
- SIPOC Diagram
- Mind Map
- Business Process
- Cycle Diagram
- Hierarchy Diagram
- Marketing Chart and Diagram
- Matrix Diagram
- Value Stream Mapping
- Material Process Flow Analysis
- Flow_Planner

From an answer given by Jacques Pineault, Himansu in a Linkedin Community Discussion

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