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Crank Shaft Machining - For Reference in Industrial Engineering Course


About Crank Shaft

It is a central component of any internal combustion engine.  Crankshafts come in many shapes and sizes from small ones found in two-stroke small engines  to giant ones found in diesel engines in ships. Crankshafts in automotive engines also vary, each one unique to its engine type and make.

Video : Function of crank shaft
2.30 minutes
 VideoTruing Harley Davidson Crankshaft
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Crankshaft more details

IC Engine and Components - Videos (11 Youtube videos)



Rapid prototype machining of crankshaft within 8 hours

Special Purpose Crank Shaft Milling Machine
September 2004

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW )  BFW has designed and built, for the first time in India, a SPM (Special Purpose Machine) for machining the pin and web portions of a crank shaft using the process of external milling for  one of the leading crankshaft manufacturers in Belgaum.
The machine has a large size spindle unit on which is mounted a big milling cutter having a diameter of 700mm. The spindle has a rigid nose as per IS 2582 to accommodate the heavy-duty cutter. This cutter is of a special design with cartridges mounted on the periphery and sides for simultaneous milling of the pin and web of a crankshaft. The spindle is driven through a gearbox by a 37kW motor. The spindle head is mounted on slide units, which are driven by servomotors through ball and lead screws. While one of the servomotors controls the feed movement of the cutter, another one is used to index the milling head in various positions. The spindle head slide is provided with a hydraulic counterbalance system.

The crank shaft is held using two hydraulic chucks, which in turn are mounted on NC ( Numerical Control ) synchronised rotary tables. All the feed and cutter movements are through servomotors and are controlled by a  Siemens 8100 CNC system. Hardened and ground guide-ways are provided on all axes.
The machine can accommodate crankshafts ranging in size from 350mm to 650mm in length, pin diameter from 40 to 60 mm and a maximum swing diameter of 220 mm.
The machine will result in increase in productivity. In the initial trials conducted, it took just 6 minutes to machine a 4 - pin crankshaft, while the conventional turning process took 80 minutes.
The price of the BFW machine is only one-fifth that of an equivalent one made by a reputed German company.

Crankshaft is usually outsourced for production by the automobile industry.  Belgaum in Karnataka is the home of the biggest cluster of crankshaft machining units in India.  The units are mainly deploying the old-fashioned turning process for machining of the pin and web portions in a crankshaft. This requires multiple set-ups of the component in the machine. In the process, crankshafts have  to be loaded on different machines with special work holding fixtures to complete the machining task. All this takes considerable amount of time and also results in inconsistent component accuracies due to the different set-ups.
The special purpose machine can reduce set up and machining time and increase quality.
Jet-Flex Center CNC waterjet deburring machine
For cleaning crank shafts
Historically, U.S. automakers machined the five Cs of engines—crankshafts, connecting rods, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and camshafts—in house. Over the last 20 years, there has been a trend to offload this work to vendors.
Norton Manufacturing Company, Fostoria, Ohio is  a firm that manufactures crankshafts for diesel and gasoline engines, compressors and pumps.  It began machining prototype crankshafts for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler as early as 1982, and it received its first production crankshaft order (from Chrysler) in 1986.
Recently, Norton received an order from one of the big-three automakers for a steel crankshaft for a new engine with a big order quantity. The automaker specified that the crankshafts had to be within a 5 millipore rating, a cleanliness level that the firm found difficult to achieve with its existing slush washing equipment.
To provide the require cleaning of crank shaft, the slush washer equipment (presently in use) was replaced by a Jet-Flex Center CNC waterjet deburring machine, produced by Sugino Corp. (Schaumburg, Illinois).

Total cycle time for the cleaning and deburring operation is less than 2 minutes using CNC waterjet deburring machine. It about 5 percent of the time required for cleaning alone by the slush cleaning method. On completion, the pallet returns to the load/unload position, and the operator offloads the crankshaft to a shipping container. Total elapsed time is about 3 minutes.


Complete Model IC Engine Building Project

Casting kits can be purchased. A team has to machine all the components and assemble them into complete engine.

Detailed Information
It is a craftsmanship museum initiative


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Crankshaft - Forging and Casting

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Video Harley Davidson - Forged or Cast

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