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Industrial Engineer Magazine Article Summaries by 2010 IE Students NITIE, Mumbai, India

Industrial Engineer Magazine Article Summaries

Please insert your articles in serial order of roll number
8. Summary on "A World Gone Green"
9. Summary on "Red Hot Chili Processing-A case study"
13. Summary on "DUBAI A CLASS OF ITS OWN"
14. Summary on Taking a risk
21  summay:From Tortoise to Eagle:Management  of  change:
27 Summary on "Lightening the Load ".
28 .Telecommunication Fraud :
29. Summary on "Leveraging Supply Chain"
38. Summary on "Final Item Adjustment"
43. Summary on  "Higher Education reinvented"
44.Summary on "Mighty Chain of Management"
45. Summary on "Cross Docking"
52. Summary on "Predicting performance of Complex Systems"
54 Summary  of "losing  our span  of  control"
58. Summary on "Great expectations"
60. Summary on "Automate Purchase-to-Pay"
63 .Summary on "Global Situational Awareness"
69 Summary on "Power Saving Heroes"
71 Summary on "Banking on food and Technology"  (Roll  No  -71 )
74. Summary on "Policy of ages" 
76 . summary on "Toyota’s quality lapse"
90.  Summary on "MAKING GOOD EVEN BETTER" -
manufacturing-works/cy0t975kgh95/5 - roll no-90  SECTION - B PGDIE -४०
94.Summary on "Ergonomics in food processing industry"-
95. Summary on "Statistical concepts associated with Six-Sigma"-
98. Summary on the Taguchi's application in a Multi response optimization -
100. A technology to produce ultra fine grain(UFG) materials-ECAS by Sudhanshu Yadav Roll. No.-100
101.Summary on "Optimal maintenance decisions for asset managers"
108. Biometrics - An Overview Summarised By Suraj Mahapatro Roll No 108 Sec B PGDIE 40 NITIE Mumbai
109. Summary on the article "Photo book guru"- roll no.-109, PGDIE40, Swapnil S Bhure
117.summary on Article"BUILT TO SERVE-Law enforcement vehicle designed with human factors in mind"३
120. summary on"Made with wood,solar cell and food" by sanjay kumar jena,roll no-120

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