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Time Study

Time Study

Time study is a work measurement technique for recording the time of perfoming a certain specific job or an element of a job carried under specified conditions, and for analysing the data so as to obtain the time necessary for an operator to carry it out at a defined rate of performance.

Time Study Equipment

To carry out time study, a stop watch, a study board and time study forms are required. Along with the study, some measurements of parts and distances moved by the operator etc. may need to be measured. Appropriate measuring instruments are used for such measurements.

Meylan has a wide variety of stopwatches .


All stopwatches are calibrated to the Atomic Clock.

Seven jewels minimum.

Mechanical and digital stopwatches.

Mechanical Split Stopwatches.

MEYLAN Time Study Boards
It is important to take studies on qualified workers when the job is done and is to be done by large number of workers.
A qualified worker is one who has acquired the skill, knowledge and other attributes to carry out the work in hand to satisfactory standards of quantity, quality and safety. (BSI: Glossary of terms used in management services, BSI 3138 , London 1991).

Steps in Making a Time Study

1. Study of standard method.
2. Recording the operative and the surrounding conditions at the time of study, which may affect the method of carrying the work and thereby time required to do the work.
3. Recording a complete description of the work as it is being carried out and breaking down the work or operation into elements for individual time determination.
4. Determination of the sample size
5. Measuring and recording the time taken using a stop watch for each element in the operation.
6. Along with measuring time, the time study person has to assess the effective speed of the operative relative to the rate corresponding to the standard rating.
7. Do the time study for the required sample size.
8. Extend the observed times to 'basic times'.
9. Determining the allowances to be provided.
10. Determining the 'standard time' for the operation.

For Further Study
Time study manual,1144,0130316709-PRE,00.html
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