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Quality System Industrial Engineering - Online Book

Quality system industrial engineering is the study of resource use in various quality engineering and management activities with a view to increasing the efficiency or eliminating the waste wherever possible. While the quality activities are carried out to ensure that product designs and process designs produce products and services that meet the needs of the targeted customers and delight them by giving more, there is possibility of excessive use of organization's resources. Industrial engineering is concerned with the management of resource use and in this function, the quality system design is carefully investigated by the industrial engineering to identify and remove waste. Industrial engineering succeeded in reducing the cost of many processes designed in the first iteration by the managers up to 50% and hence it is a very important activity in systems design or systems engineering.

Famous example of industrial engineering, is Henry Ford's production system redesign, that reduced the price of the automobile by half. Frederick Taylor, the founder of IE discipline has improved the productivity of some of the inspection processes.

System Industrial Engineering - System Human Effort Engineering - System Efficiency Engineering

Quality related activities are undertaken by marketing professions, product design professionals, process design professions, production persons, inspection persons in the case of products or services marketing by an organization. Apart from the various activities done by the company also need to have quality and hence all the persons in the organization are connected to quality. Statisticians contributed to quality field. Statistical quality control helped in increasing the efficiency of quality system by reducing inspection effort. Industrial engineers promoted SQC as a part of quality system industrial engineering.

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Modern Methods for Quality Control and Improvement
Harrison M. Wadsworth, Kenneth S. Stephens, A. Blanton Godfrey
John Wiley & Sons, 2002 - Quality control - 683 pages

This is a revision of a classic! This text provides a single source for information on both the structure and management of quality systems and the use of statistics to control and improve quality. It incorporates an international flavor and a good balance of services and manufacturing coverage. The goal of the second edition remains the same as the first edition - to promote learning by means of practical, effective applications intended to develop, control, and improve quality systems and processes

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