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Industrial Engineering Day - 7 July - Birth Day of Frank Gilbreth

Knowledge  Day  of Industrial  Engineering

Knowledge  Day  of Industrial  Engineering is expected to bring students, faculty and professionals of industrial engineering together to discuss the knowledge of the profession in offline and online platforms.  platform.

Birth Day of Frank Gilbreth 7th July is being celebrated as the Knowledge Day of Industrial Engineering.  Birthday of F.W. Taylor (DOB: 20th March 1865) is also  Knowledge Day of Industrial Engineering   .

Frank Gilbreth's birth day was 7th July 1868 (    )

A video collection posted today.

Frank Gilbreth - Motion Study - Videos on YouTube

New Google book identified  Bricklaying System by Gilbreth - It is a full view book.


Students of NITIE are posting number of articles which are summaries of various articles published in Industrial Engineer magazine

Index of articles written by IE students of NITIE, Mumbai, India on the occasion of Knol Day of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineer Magazine Article Summaries by 2010 IE Students NITIE, Mumbai, India

All visitors are requested to write comments on various issues related to industrial engineering in comments blocks.

About Frank Gilbreth

Source for the photos:

Books by  Gilbreth
Motion study : a method for increasing the efficiency of the workman (1911)
Applied motion study; a collection of papers on the efficient method to industrial preparedness (1917)
Fatigue study; the elimination of humanity's greatest unnecessary waste, a first step in motion study (1919)
Watch Original Movies Made by Gilbreth


Industrial Engineering - Introduction

Industrial engineering is explained as human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering by Narayana Rao.

The activities carried out in system efficiency engineering can be categorized as:

Methods efficiency engineering
Product design efficiency engineering
Inspection methods efficiency engineering
Materials handling efficiency engineering
Warehouse efficiency engineering

The emphasis on the term "efficiency" is very important. This term separates managers from industrial engineers and also functional engineers from industrial engineers. But industrial engineers improve efficiency of all systems, systems in factories, offices as well as management systems. Resource use efficiency in any system is the focus of industrial engineering discipline.

There are many knols (articles are called knols) on industrial engineering. Two of the collections are

1. Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Course at NITIE
2. Industrial Engineering - Knols of Narayana Rao K V S S


Some More Knols on Industrial Engineering


Web Pages on Industrial Engineering

Work Study: Method Study and Work Measurement
Work study which includes method study and work measurement is the core of Industrial Engineering. A succinct, yet complete presentation of work study can be seen at:
Inserted by Shyam Bhatawdekar.

New Knols in Industrial Engineering - June 2010 onwards





Blog Posts on Gilbreth's Birthday

Happy Birthday Frank Gilbreth; Reducing Waste in Hospitals… Green is Lean
Today, July 7 is the birthday of Frank Gilbreth, born this day in 1868. While some of his methods arguably ranked low on the “respect for people” scale (calling doctors “boobs” for doing things wastefully), he was an innovator in terms of identifying waste and driving process improvement in healthcare.

Blog posts on Gilbreth  Mentions a card that is tapped on the card reader for bus travel.


Curriculum Proposals and Suggestions for Modifications

The Engineering Science of Industrial Engineering: A Viewpoint of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum 
Author: William E. Bilesa
Affiliation:    a Department of Industrial Engineering Edward R. Clark Professor of Computer-Aided Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
IIE Transactions, Volume 23, Issue 3 September 1991 , pages 208 - 214
This paper outlines the scientific underpinnings of Industrial Engineering and proposes an approach to educating the Industrial Engineer based on this engineering science. The proposed definition of the “Industrial Engineering science” rests on the premise that IE is made up of three main functional areas: (1) production engineering, (2) operational science, and (3) ergonomics/human factors engineering. This paper outlines the various IE activities that fall into these three functional categories, and attempts to show the relationships of those areas to six underlying science bases; namely, (1) Industrial Engineering sciences, (2) general engineering sciences, (3) life sciences, (4) physical sciences, (5) behavioral and social sciences, and (6) mathematics.
Evaluation of Human Work
3rd Edition, 2005

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