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Society of Industrial Engineers - History and Publications

Founding of the Society

The Society of Industrial Engineers, a national organization, the membership of  which is to comprise men and women who are industrial engineers, professional technical engineers, .accountants, managing executives
of commercial and industrial activity, writers, educators and students, was planned in Chicago on May 26. The Society will be permanently organized in Washington, on June 15, on which date the directors have been called to meet.

Charles Buxton Going, for twenty years editor of the Engineering Magazine, New York, was chosen provisional President and pro tern, chairman of the board of directors which was chosen at the session. This board, comprising 15 prominent men from various sections of the United States, the majority of whom have accepted, includes:

Charles Buxton Going, New York;
C. E. Knoeppel, industrial engineer and organiza- tion counsel, New York;
Frank B. Gilbreth, industrial engineer, Providence, B. I.;
E. 0. Shaw, vice-president The B. E. Goodrich Co., Akron, Ohio;
Harrington Emerson, industrial engineer, New York;
Charles Piez, president The Link Belt Co., Chicago;
Irving A. Berndt, manager betterment department,
Joseph T. Eyerson & Son, Chicago;
G. DeA. Babcock, production manager The H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Co., Syracuse, N. T.;
Willard E. Hotchkiss, dean Northwestern University School of Commerce, Chicago;
Harry Franklin Porter, Detroit Executives' Club, Detroit, Mich.;
H. Thorpe Kessler, President Western Efficiency Society, Chicago;
Dexter Kimball, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. T.;
Morris L. Cooke, industrial engineer, Philadelphia;
C. Day, industrial engineer, Philadelphia;
Herman Schneider, school of engineering, University of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Temporary committees are now at work. Upon completion of the organization its serv-
ices will at once be tendered to the government, through Howard E. Coffin, chairman of the advisory committee, Council of National Defense, and such other committees as can utilize the services of The Society of Industrial Engineers.

The temporary executive committee consists of

Irving A. Berndt, chairman ;
F. M. Simons, Jr.;
H. Thorpe Kessler;
H. A. Bose,
G. C.Dent,
Harry Franklin Porter,
C. A. Knoeppel,
Willard E. Hotchkiss,
S. T. A. Loftis and
Charles Buxton Going.

G. C. Dent is temporary secretary and H. Thorpe Kessler, treasurer.

Announcement by I. A. Berndt, Chairman, Executive Committee, SIE

The plan of organization adopted provides for a service or promotion bureau under the direction of a vice-president, and divided into two sections: (1) Advisory, and (2) Performing.

. The function of this bureau is to list as soon as possible all the industrial specialists in the country who may be qualified to serve either as advisers or as actual directors of efficiency work. From these two groups of advisers and performers the society will draw those necessary to carry on whatever work may be dele-
gated to it in connection, with perfecting preparation for war.

All men who possess qualifications that would enable them to serve in either or both of these sections are urged to get in touch with the acting secretary of the organization, G. C. Dent, 327 South La Salle Street, Chicago, as soon as possible.

Publications of Society of Industrial Engineers

1918 - Proceedings -  "Labor problems under war conditions; complete report of the proceedings of the National Conference held under the auspices of the Western Efficiency Society and the Society of Industrial Engineers, March 27, 28 and 29, 1918, Chicago"
1920 - Proceedings - Practical Application of Industrial Engineering Principles

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