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Anderson, A.G. (1928), Industrial Engineering and Factory Management - Book Information

Book available for reading at$b33572;view=1up;seq=25

17. Human Relations


Accidents an unnecessary waste

Chapter 20 Operation Study- Nature and Scope

Time Study

page 347

Taylor's Outline and Definition of Time Study

(j) knowledge so obtained leads frequently to constructive work of a high order, to the standardization of tools and conditions, to the invention of superior methods and machines.

Scope of Operation Study: It will be noted that under (j) job standardization work is suggested, while (b) and (c) refer to motion study.

page 349

Job Standardization: Job Standardization denotes the establishment of the best possible conditions with respect to all physical factors which influence the job and is a first natural objective in all operation study work.

Outline for Job Standardization


Relation to Other Operations in the Process

1. Operations Preceding
2. Operations Following




1, Machines
2. Tools
3. Shop Transportation Facilities
4. Miscellaneous
5. Floor Plan (Work Station Layout)

Working Conditions

1. Lighting
2. Ventilating
3. Heating
4. Safety Devices
5. Sanitation
6. Fire Protection

Page 353
Motion Study Observation Sheet

Left Hand Right Hand Motions  Figure 77

Chapter 26  Simplication

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