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Building the US Battery Industry for Electric Drive Vehicles - Opportunities for Industrial Engineering Profession

The production of electric cars is growing day by day. Therefore the need for batteries is also growing. Efforts are on by various entrepreneurs to create capacity for battery manufacturing. Industry associations have come up and are doing their bit to put in place in environoment, systems and procedures so that profitable industry emerges.

Industrial engineering profession has to set up its own organization to study and introduce industrial engineering principles, methods and tools into the upcoming advanced battery industry right from the design stage of products and production systems.

2012 Symposium on  Building the US Battery Industry for Electric Drive Vehicles

McKinsey on Battery Prices and Costs - 2012 Analysis

Our analysis indicates that the price of a complete automotive lithium-ion battery pack could fall from $500 to $600 per kilowatt hour (kWh) today to about $200 per kWh by 2020 and to about $160 per kWh by 2025. In the United States, with gasoline prices at or above $3.50 a gallon, automakers with batteries at prices below $250 per kWh could offer electrified vehicles competitively, on a total-cost-of-ownership basis, with vehicles powered by advanced internal-combustion engines. Any further decrease in battery prices and increase in gasoline prices could tilt the balance in favor of electric vehicles.

April 2012
An all-electric vehicle needs the battery size of  around 23 kilowatt hours.
That size batter is priced  around $12,000 to $15,000 a battery. The price of a gasoline-powered Focus (Ford) is about $22,000. Ford is currently promoting its $39,200 Focus Electric car.
Based on the indicated price range for the battery we estimate  that Ford is  paying between $522 and $650 a kilowatt-hour for its electric-vehicle batteries.

The U.S. Department of Energy, as part of its efforts to help promote plug-in hybrid- and fully-electric vehicles, has set a goal of lowering the cost of batteries to $300 a kilowatt-hour by next year (say start of 2014)

2015 and 2020 targets set by USA Government

Assembly Technology Improvements in Battery Manufacturing  - April 2013

January 2014
Have the prices of batteries dropped already - Discussion

February 2014

Mahindra Reva introduced an eletric car battery rental scheme and dropped its price by Rs. 1.7 lakh. Against earlier 6.5 lakh, the car is now available at 4.99 lakh. The battery rent is 2,599 per month for 800 Km per month.

Mahindra Reva's power is 14.8 KW at 3000 rpm and it uses 48 V battery.

September 2014

Sakti 3 is coming with solid state lithium ion battery. It is planning to come out with commercial application.

Toyota is also making efforts to come out with solid state L-i battery

Tesla Motors to set up $5 billion electric car battery plant to produce battery that will power 500,000 cars in year. It will be equal to 50 gigawatt hours per year.

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