Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Personal Productivity Tips Shared by Productivity Pro on Google+ (Plus)


Your boss is paying you for the very best you can give them. Do not cheat them OR yourself.

 Do you really need to work so long to get it all done...or are you just being inefficient?

Join a professional group specific to your field, so you can benefit from their advice.

Empty your inboxes at least once daily, so the chore does not get ahead of you.

Clear the clutter from your workspace, so you can think and plan with less distraction.

 Surround yourself with happy things in your workplace, to make work more enjoyable.

If you truly want to maximize your productivity, you need to enjoy what you do.

File paperwork a few times a month, at least. You cannot afford to let those files pile up.

The better you can do your work, the sooner you can leave the office.

Exercise regularly! Ironically, the less active you are, the less energy you have.

Do not fear failure—but never assume it is inevitable.

Stop believing you have no control over your stress, and change the situation!

Readjust your expectations to fit within your energy levels; stop running your battery dry.

A good rule of thumb: you should earn or save your company 3 times your base salary yearly.

Give your tasks 110% of your energy and focus, so you do not undershoot the mark.

Ever heard of the Japanese concept of Karoshi? Look it up and think about it.

 Will attending a particular meeting help accomplish your work goals? If not, forget it.

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