Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Productivity and IE in Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping

An automotive plant today produces some 40~50 critical panels per model of car in-house,
that require some 100~150 dies.. Criteria for taking decision about the panels to be
manufactured in-house vary from company to company. Very lately, the stamping plant of the
automobile manufacturers includes the types of panels as given below in-house:
 1. External (skin) panels, such as fenders, bonnet, decklid, roof, side panels,
 doors, etc. Some of these are two panels in a set as left hand and right hand
 2. Internal mating panels, such as bonnet inner, decklid inner or door inner
 deciding subassembly quality
 3. Dimensionally critical inner panels that are complicated either because of their
complex shape or severe draw condition, such as, floor pans, dash panel, etc.

Automanufacturers prefer to procure the medium and small size panels from vendors
depending on the availability (nearer facilities are preferred) and their capability to meet
demanded specifications.


Quality Management Information in Automotive Stamping Process

New Developments - Lasers

Compact Crossbar Transfer Press
Compared to conventional lines, the Schuler compact crossbar transfer press offers considerable 
advantages with respect to productivity, flexibility and quality of auto body parts. It also meets 
manufacturers’ demands for further reductions in unit part costs. 

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