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Construction Process Improvement

Improving Construction Effi ciency & Productivity with Modular Construction
White paper

Ranasinghe, U., Ruwanpura, J., and Liu, X. (2012). ”Streamlining the Construction Productivity Improvement Process with the Proposed Role of a Construction Productivity Improvement Officer.” J. Constr. Eng. Manage., 138(6), 697–706.

Construction innovation and process improvement
Akintola Akintoye Jack Goulding; Girma Zawdie 1946-; Ebrary, Inc.
Chichester England ; Ames, Iowa : Wiley-Blackwell 2012
Title: Construction innovation and process improvement

Description: Machine generated contents note: Chapter 1 Introduction: Learning from other industries.Chapter 2 Innovation and changes in industrial practice.Chapter 3 Management of Change.Chapter 4 Lean production.Chapter 5 Integrated manufacturing.Chapter 6 Concurrent Engineering.Chapter 7 Materials requirements planning.Chapter 8 Just-in-Time manufacturing.Chapter 9 Supply chain management.Chapter 10 Knowledge management applications.Chapter 11 Quick response systems - Agile manufacturing.Chapter 12 Electronic data interchange.Chapter 13 Radio Frequency Identification Devices.

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Performance Improvement in Construction Management
Brian Atkin, Jan Borgbrant
Taylor & Francis, 25-Sep-2009 - Technology & Engineering - 330 pages
Novel research in construction management is often distant from existing practice. This collection of reviews serves to bridge this gap under three major themes: innovation, organisation and human behaviour, and methods and tools.

It outlines a series of successful collaborative projects between industry and the academic and research communities. Many of the authors have worked in technology transfer, as change agents, resolving industrially-relevant problems by using scientifically-based research. The book reveals the source of ideas, data and results to provide a useful resource for researchers, academics and graduate students, and a challenging guide for senior industry managers.
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Construction Process Improvement [Paperback]
Brian Atkin (Editor), Jan Borgbrant (Editor), Per-Erik Josephson (Editor)

Construction process improvement methodology for construction projects
Alfredo Serpell, Luis Fernando Alarcón
International Journal of Project Management
Volume 16, Issue 4, August 1998, Pages 215–221
A methodology developed for construction improvement and waste reduction is presented. This methodology has been successfully applied during the last 3 years to several construction sites in Chile, through consulting services and research studies. The approach includes a set of structured activities and tools that are performed and applied for the identification and evaluation of the problems that produce construction waste, and the causes associated to them. A second stage of the approach corresponds to the development of both short and mid-term solutions in order to act on the factors that produce these problems with the purpose of reducing or eliminating their effects. A summary of the major improvements achieved through the application of this framework is also included to show the potential of this approach, specially in countries where the construction industry is characterized by the low educational level of its workers and the many technological limitations that still pervade some construction sectors, particularly the housing construction sector.

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