Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Productivity and IE in Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing

RFID for Productivity

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, a North Carolina manufacturer of fiber-optic cables, reports that radio frequency identification has increased its production by 40 percent annually, without requiring the hiring of additional warehouse employees, due to an increase in efficiency of tracking the locations of raw materials. Sumitomo is using the technology to track the materials—such as reels of steel tape and Kevlar yarns, as well as boxes of plastic materials—as they flow through the company's warehouse in Research Triangle Park.



OCC’s fiber optic cables and connectivity components withstand the harshest environments, allowing systems to continue to run and data to transfer where other systems can fail. Ultimately, OCC makes your company safer and more productive – both inside or outside the plant environment.

OCC’s experience engineering and manufacturing fiber optic cables, connectors and enclosures designed for the harshest of environments, including military tactical deployment, means our products deliver exceptional performance in the industrial environment. We work with customers that have specific industrial needs to offer solutions that provide the best mechanical, industrial, chemical and environmental performance.

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