Monday, February 24, 2014

MIT - LAI Self Assessment Tool (LESAT) - Website Page Information

LAI Self Assessment Tool (LESAT)
The LAI Self-Assessment Tool (LESAT) 2.0 is now available.

LESAT is a tool for self-assessing the current state of an enterprise and its readiness to change. The tool is organized into three assessment sections:

Lean transformation/leadership: lean practices pertinent to the lean transformation process with an emphasis on enterprise leadership and change management.
Life cycle processes: lean practices related to the "life cycle processes of an enterprise, i.e., those processes involved in product realization.
Enabling infrastructure: lean practices applicable to infrastructure support units.
Each section contains diagnostic questions, lean practices, five capability levels, and lean indicators. Each of the practices are focused at the enterprise assessment level, and the tool is supported by a Facilitator's Guide as well as a LESAT calculator.

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