Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Productivity and IE in Computer Storage Device Manufacturing

334112 Computer Storage Device Manufacturing



The Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) is expected to sign off on a final DDR4 standard this summer. But a draft of the spec and its key attributes were issued last August. Those preliminary specs call for DDR4 memory to operate at a maximum of 1.2 volts (20 percent less than current DDR3 memory) and achieve data transfer rates of 3.2 billion transfers per second (double that of the top-end speed of DDR3's memory bus).

On May 7, 2012 Micron joined the field, announcing it had released its first fully functioning DDR4 memory product for testing.

This paper introduces the basic concepts of Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) and 
looks at some of the root causes of memory errors and how RMT helps to remediate and 

obviate memory errors. 

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