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Productivity and IE in Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing

A leading ball bearing manufacturing customer wanted to improve the machine cycle time for the flashing operation. So, Castrol was requested to provide a solution.
The operation requires high metal
 removal within a few hours of grinding.
Operators have to work over machines
 without suffering objectionable odour
A total manufacturing cycle should be
 completed in 4 - 5 hours removing 200
 microns of material.
The grinding fluid operates at 3 - 4%

Ball Bearings Ceramic Hybrid Bearing Roller Wheel


The SNR story begins in Oerlikon, Switzerland, where Jacques Schmidt made the first rings and balls of the future tempered steel bearings. He named his company SRO (S for Schmidt; R for Roost, his wife’s surname; and O for Oerlikon) and, in 1894, registered his SRO ball bearing patent and made SRO the only ball bearing supplier in France.

The Bearings Division of Tata Steel is the first in the category to have successfully challenged the TPM Award from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Tokyo in 2004. It is the only bearings manufacturer in India to have won this recognition till date.

India Manufacturers

1. Associated Bearing Company Ltd., Pune (Maharashtra)
2. Asian Bearings Company Ltd., Hosur (Tamil Nadu)
3. Karnataka Ball Bearing Corporation Ltd., Mysore
4. HMT Ltd., Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
5. Tata Iron and Steel Company Ltd., (Bearings Division)
Kharagpur (West Bengal)
6. Shriram Bearings Ltd., Ranchi (Bihar)
7. National Engineering Industries Ltd., Jaipur (Rajasthan)
8. FAG Precision Bearings Ltd., Vadodara (Gujarat)
9. Antifriction Bearing Company Ltd. Bharuch (Gujarat)
Lonavala (Maharashtra)
10. Union Bearings Manufacturing Co., Porbunder (Gujarat)
11. Needle Roller Bearing Co. Ltd., Thana/Jalna (Maharashtra)
12. Shriram Needle Industries Ltd., Ranchi (Bihar)
13. Deepak Insulated Cables Ltd., Mysore (Karnataka) (Needle
Bearings Division)
14. Austin Engg Co., Gujarat
15. Karnataka Ball Bearing Co Ltd., Mysore
16. Mysore Kirloskar Ltd, Harihar (Karnataka)
17. Needle Roller Bearings Ltd, Thane
18. Needle Roller Bearings Ltd., Waluj
19. Ruby Bearings Pvt Ltd., Rajkot

Bearing Industry in India - Report

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