Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing

Optical Instruments Manufacturer - Kaizen Activities

Planning and setting of semi-annual improvement targets
Monthly analysis on current situation: issues, kaizen proposals, results.
Daily Improvement tasks by Supervision Personnel
Lay-out design review
Workbench, parts, jig and tool placement review. Reduction of worker motion, process review.

Optical Tooling Theory & Applications
40-Hour Theory & Applications Course

Harnessing Light: Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century ( 1998 )




Bay Optical Instrument
is a leading innovator in the development of microscope ergonomics.

Established in 1983, Bay Optical Instrument is the inventor of the ErgoAdapter(TM) a workplace-inspired device that has revolutionized the use of stereomicroscopes in laboratories and manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Bay Optical designers bring more than 20 years of on-site experience with microscopes and applied optics to product development. Actively involved in microscope ergonomics in the industrial, medical and education sectors for more than a decade, they have developed high quality technologies that directly address real workplace problems. In fact, years of industrial usage by technicians in major corporations such as Boeing Aerospace, Hewlett­Packard and IBM have significantly reduced cumulative stress disorders and set new standards for company ergonomic programs.

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