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Shigeo Shingo - The Japanese Industrial Engineer - Books

Books By Shingo

When you read Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking, it reveals Dr. Shingo’s magnitude and influence he had as an architect to Toyota’s success. He set the foundation and mindset of the Toyota Production System by providing a clear understanding of processes and operations, the SMED system, Poka-Yoke (Mistake Proofing), and his ability to teach others how to correctly identify and solve problems.
A month before Dr. Shingo died, Norman Bodek had lunch in a restaurant near his house.  To the question,  “Who invented TPS/Lean, you or Ohno?” Without any hesitation Shingo said, “I did, for I was Ohno’s teacher.” Mrs. Shingo also  confirmed this  to Bodek when she told him that it was Taiichi Ohno who called and asked Dr. Shingo to come and teach at Toyota. You will thoroughly enjoy the charm and wit of Dr. Shingo’s stories in this book like the ones in Key Strategie for Plant Improvement. He provides the models and frameworks to allow you to follow Toyota’s highly effective problem solving process.  ( Shingo Newsletter, http://www.shingosweepstakes.com/Shingo/2008/Jan/gateway_to_innovation2.html).
A Study of the Toyota Production System from an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint - Shigeo Shingo - Google Book
The first and only book in English on JIT, written from the industrial engineer's viewpoint.
Provides original source material on Just-ln-Time
Demonstrates new ways to think about profit, inventory, waste, and productivity
Explains the principles of leveling, standard work procedures, multi-machine handling, supplier relations, and much more
If you are a serious student of industrial engineering, you will benefit greatly from reading this primary resource on the powerful fundamentals of JIT.
Summaries of the book

Toyota Production System Industrial Engineering - Shigeo Shingo - Chapters 4 to 10
Introducing and Implementing the Toyota Production System - Shiego Shingo

Modern Approaches to Manufacturing Improvement: The Shingo System - Book Information
Modern Approaches to Manufacturing Improvement: The Shingo System
Shigeo Shingō
Productivity Press, 01-Apr-1990 - Business & Economics - 399 pages
Some pages that refer to Shigeo Shingo
Original Knol - http://knol.google.com/k/narayana-rao/shigeo-shingo-the-japanese-industrial/ 2utb2lsm2k7a/ 724

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