Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing


Lincoln Electric Developed Custom Automated Robotic Welding Solution for Bit Block Assembly
at Joy Mining’s Franklin, PA, Plant

System specification
After reviewing the results of their metric evaluation, Cerminara and his team decided to replace nine semi-automatic Lincoln Electric Idealarc® DC-655/LN-10 stations used for bit block-to-pedestal assemblies and install two automated welding stations in their place. The custom-designed solutions feature Power Wave® 455M high performance, inverted-based welding power sources, FANUC ARC Mate® 100iC robotic arms, and Harris® Preheat Torch systems and temperature-sensing devices. The systems use Lincoln Electric SuperArc® L-56 premium mild steel MIG wire in .045 (1.1 mm) inch diameter.

The same number of assemblies are being welded with one operator running both stations per shift.  In the past they  needed between 6 and 8 welders to manually produce the same number of parts.  With automation, now they  need only 3 operators per day vs. the 18 to 24 required in the past,” “Automation has made the difference.  When you look at the productivity increase, the return on investment and other numbers, all of those metrics have been met or exceeded with the installation of the automation equipment. Overall, the results have been spectacular.”


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