Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing


Stewart & Stevenson
designs, manufactures and markets equipment for U.S. and international oilfield service providers and drilling and worker contractors, as well as national oil companies that require integrated and customized product solutions. We manufacture equipment specifically for hydraulic fracturing, well stimulation, well worker, intervention and drilling operations. Our manufacturing segment benefits from our long-standing relationships with our globally recognized OEMs. We have five main manufacturing facilities across North America, comprising more than 600,000 square fee of space, that are strategically located to effectively service our customers' needs.

Oilfield Equipment

Oilfield equipment manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson has supported the worldwide oil and gas industry since the 1950s. Today, well stimulation equipment, intervention equipment, power generation equipment and specialized controls for all of Stewart & Stevenson’s oilfield equipment are manufactured at Stewart & Stevenson’s Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta manufacturing facilities and dedicated branch facilities. Stewart & Stevenson is a single source supplier of all individual well stimulation and intervention equipment, complete with technically advanced controls, enabling customers to obtain a fully integrated system ready for immediate operation at delivery.

Rig Systems
Stewart & Stevenson’s drilling, workover and well servicing equipment serves the global oilfield service industry. From Stewart & Stevenson’s rig manufacturing facilities in Calgary, Alberta; Edmond, Oklahoma; Casper, Wyoming; Houston, Odessa and Victoria, Texas, we deliver ready-to-operate oilfield drilling, workover and well servicing rigs that meet the rigorous standards established by the American Petroleum Institute and the International Standards Organization. Field-experienced personnel work with customers to develop the best concept for their application. In-house engineers and drafting teams use the latest software to design each rig. Fabrication and assembly capabilities include in-house machine shop, electrical research and development, advanced welding and inspection technologies, and on-site sandblasting and painting. Quality control is involved in every step of the process, and extensive operational testing is available at our 8000-foot test well. Stewart & Stevenson manufactures rig components, including masts, substructures, drawworks, controls, power generation and support units.US Rig facilities manufacture rigs and rig components and provide rig-up and testing before shipping rigs to customers. Our Odessa and Victoria, TX, Edmond, OK and Casper, WY facilities provide rig refurbishment and service to rigs at work in the US and international locations. The Houston Rig facility develops and manufactures advanced controls for rig and other oil and gas equipment manufactured by Stewart & Stevenson.

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