Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

North American Industry Classification System - Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing - 332

Automated Welding machine influences productivity, health and safety, improve quality and increase business opportunity..
increase productivity by increase the welding rate, cost of consumables, and the cost of machinery. The time spent on joint preparation and time spent on job preparation is also decrease..
For example compare to manual operations, 70-80% of the cost for completing  welding is typically attributed to humanpower (the cost of labor

With automated welding operations, these figures decrease as the output per workers increases. Usually it means lower unit costs.  Increased output is due to:
- Improved the control of weld result to improv weld quality and minimized over-welding, weld mistakes and weld variation. You will  control of the process reduces processing time, reduces scrap and may virtually eliminate the weld process
- Increased the speed resulting in greater welding rates. It ‘s limited in manual welding by the operator’s tolerance to heat with the welding machine torch may use higher currents than manual torches. The speed can be higher in mechanized welding

CMF is a french company manufacturing machines specialized in boilers’industry. We already have worked closely with our clients, we design and create the right automated machines for boiler’s manufacturer. With 20years experience in this field we have delivered more than 50 machines to different customers in the world.


American Boiler Manufacturers Association

L&T-MHI Boilers
has established state of art manufacturing facility for Pressure Parts and Pulverisers for super critical boilers at Hazira in Gujarat. The current installed capacity is 4000 MW per year. The facility has systems, processes, machinery, manufacturing capabilities which are the best in its class. Today we can boast of creating such a facility in India which is unique and augurs well for the Indian Power Equipment requirement.

In Pulveriser manufacturing facility, the plant layout is designed for optimum movement of material. Also many of the production accessories are designed and facilitated to achieve the ergonomic workstation design to reduce the fatigue of the people working in the area.      

There has been lot of thrust and emphasis on system driven approach since inception and MHI has put lot of emphasis on training and development of workforce skill development.

This has lead to development of a strong technical team with proficiency in super critical boiler fabrication. Along with MHI, we have run various training and skill development programs.   More than 400 people have been trained in their areas of activities with the active participation of MHI experts, this covered detail Manufacturing Procedure for Header, Pipe, Panel and Coils.

For the on job Shop Floor experience a MHI Technical Advisory Team has been placed at L&T-MHI Boilers Hazira Manufacturing Complex to assist the Engineers and Supervisors in fabrication activities. With their in depth knowledge and proficiency in manufacturing of Super critical boilers, we have been able to develop our workforce too.

After starting the full load production a Quality Patrol Team has been formed including the MHI and L&T-MHI Boilers persons. This team takes in frequent visits in fabrication shops and suggests various measures for improvement. These suggestions are related to safety, improving productivity and quality of products.

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