Monday, February 24, 2014

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Drs. Josef Oehmen and Eric Rebentisch have come out with  a new series of whitepapers, Lean Product Development for Practitioners in 2011.

 LAI on Program Management for Large Scale Engineering Programs

Dr. Josef Oehmen, Dr. Eric Rebentisch, and Kristian Kinscher, LAI Whitepaper Series: Lean Product Development for Practitioners, Version 1.0, December 2011.

 This paper addresses Enterprise, Program and Multi-Project Management.

Risk Management in Lean Enterprise Product Development 

Dr. Josef Oehmen and Dr. Eric Rebentisch, LAI Paper Series: Lean Enterprise Product Development for Practitioners, Version 1.0, March 2010.

The paper follows LAI´s understanding and Risk Management in Lean Product Development philosophy regarding Lean Management concepts and especially their integration into large and complex Enterprise settings.

The papers draw mainly on the research done by LAI. Where necessary to ensure a comprehensive presentation of a topic, findings of other researchers and research groups from the field of Lean Product Development are integrated into the papers.  This paper addresses topic 9, Risk Management.

The two core challenges of risk management are finding the optimum balance a) between the cost of carrying risks vs. the cost of mitigating risks and b) between a risk that is taken with a certain development project and the return that is expected from the project.

Waste in Lean Enterprise Product Development 

Josef Oehmen and Eric Rebentisch, LAI Paper Series: Lean Product Development for Practitioners, Version 1.1, July 2010.

The main objective of this paper is to make the work that has been done at LAI in the area of waste in product development easily accessible to the consortium members. The focus of the discussion in this paper is therefore on past LAI work. Non-LAI work is integrated into the presentation where it is necessary to complete the picture.

The intended readership is engineers and managers in the areas of product development, product design, systems engineering and program management. The paper is also intended to provide a first overview to students and others interested in the field.

Reading this whitepaper provides a concise overview of the most important waste drivers in product development, that is, the most common project deficiencies that lead to cost and schedule overrun, as well as to performance issues. It will enable those involved in process improvement initiatives to include specific lean-related factors into their process analysis. It provides both managers and engineers with a common language and concepts to enhance the efficiency of their product development projects.

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