Monday, November 25, 2013

Lean Manufacturing Implementation at Dupont - YouTube Videos by Invistics

“Lean Pull Design for High-Mix Manufacturing - Kanban Cards Are Not Your Only Option”

Presented by
Tom Knight
Founder & CEO, Invistics

Come hear how three major companies, DuPont, Bristol-Myers Squibb and CP Kelco, slashed their working capital 35% to 80% by implementing pull methods better suited than Kanban for their high-mix, high-variability businesses. In addition to discussing traditional Kanban, our presentation addresses several of the most common Kanban alternatives: generic Kanban, Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) and Constant Work in Progress (CONWIP). The presentation will discuss how these different pull methods were implemented with real-world examples, and help attendees understand which of these alternatives are best for their companies.



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In the twelve months following the launch of the company-wide Six Sigma effort, DuPont documented more than $1 billion in savings.  In the next five years, savings would rise to exceed $2.3 billion.  At the beginning of 2004, DuPont had completed 6,147 Black Belt projects and had 9,406 in the pipeline.

Reducing Manufacturing Waste, the Dupont Way

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