Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Industrial Engineering Conclave NITIE, 2016

18 October 2016


Ganapathy - IE System Efficiency Engineering and Human Effort Engineering

R Suresh  -RGF   - Cost, Productivity, Quality, Specialisation - Productivity - Measurement problems of white collar productivity, He told that in his Colgate campus placement interview, he told them that his focus was cost anywhere in the company. He can make efforts to find waste and reduce cost.

Mahesh Kripalani  Marico  - Marvel - Value Management  - Productivity in Sales and Marketing

Sukanta  Padhy  Tyres   -   Material cost reduction,   VA/VE  - Rastogi

Pankaj Agrwal -  Lupin   -     Lean Methodology, TPM.  Somebody question about effect on quality due to productivity. He answered that quality will not be affected and appropriate measures are taken by managers of the productivity improvement process.

Director, Dr. Karuna Jain

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